CONTACT EMAIL: Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.NET
CONTACT EMAIL: Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.NET
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Nepal Coffee Federation Micro Lot Project

A bit of history.

The Nepal Coffee Federation Micro Lot Project is an opportunity for you to use your skills as a coffee professional to help a nation elevate their domestic coffee sector.

It is the beginning of a detailed, data driven, longitudinal research project for transforming the Nepal domestic coffee sector over the next 10 years and beyond.  

Nepal Micro Lot Cupping
  • 2017 We first started working with the Secretary General of the Nepal Coffee Federation, Santosh Pokharal, to develop a broad-based coffee training curriculum for quality preparation from green coffee to brewed coffee.

  • 2018 We started working with the Executive Director of the National Tea & Coffee Development Board, Deepak Khanal. This is where the scope of the  project expanded from developing and delivering training, to a long-term partnership to elevate the quality and consistency of the domestic coffee sector as a tool for increasing the GDP of a nation. 

  • 2019 We [ The Academy of Coffee Excellence, The Nepal Coffee Federation and the Tea & Coffee Development Board ] opened the Academy of Coffee Excellence Nepal. Our mission is to develop and deliver research and training designed to increase the quality and quantity of Nepal's coffee.

And now the present.

Summary of Opportunities

  • Opportunities to be involved

  • 18 - 26 June, 2020 Pokhara, Nepal

  • 12 - 19 June, 2020 Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 2019

  • 2018

  • 2017

12 June to 19 June 2020 - Kathmandu, Nepal  

Coffee growers from Nepal participating in the 2nd Annual Micro Lot Cupping will submit their coffees to the Nepal Coffee Federation for the Preliminary Round of screening, sorting and ranking. There should be approximately 15 to 20 coffees that will advance from the Preliminary Round to the Judging Round.


The criteria for submitting judge applications are to be a Q Grader or self-designated coffee cupping professional. The criteria for judge application approval will be for the candidates to be in calibration as defined by the CQI Calibration Matrix 4.5, proper use of the cupping form and for protocol compliance consistent with CQI acceptable parameters for Q Grader candidates. The Head Judge will be Todd Arnette, CQI Q Instructor.


The scores and assessments from candidates falling outside of the above parameters will be included with the “Voice of the Industry” assessment. The scores and assessments from candidates falling inside of the above parameters will be included as the “Judge’s Official Scores”.


The determination of judge status will be decided at the Judge’s Protocol Review & Calibration Cupping on program days 3 and 4. The calibration will consist of 3 Q style cupping tables, the SCA / CQI cupping forms and SCA / CQI cupping protocols. The names of the judges will remain anonymous until after the completion of the event.


  • Table 1 - 4 CQI Washed Process coffees + 2 Nepali coffees
  • Table 2 - 4 CQI Africa coffees + 2 Nepali coffees
  • Table 3 - 4 CQI Asia coffees + 2 Nepali coffees
  • 6 Properly completed cupping forms (2 per table)


Nepal Micro Lot Cupping Schedule 2020