Green Coffee Intermediate Certificate With Coffee Buyer

The premise of this course is:

  1. Understand in depth species & processing

  2. Analyze green coffee

  3. Evaluate roasted coffee

  4. Forecast & contract coffee effectively 

This is a 2-Day course

Class Dates

  • Mar 26+27 2020 

This 2-Day course is taught by a Green Coffee Professional and Q Grader Instructor. We offer this certificate program enhanced with real world practical cupping and buying exercises. The Academy of Coffee Excellence's Coffee Buyer Foundation and Intermediate Advanced greatly exceeds the requirements for the SCA Green Coffee Foundation and Intermediate Certificates and provides a solid understanding of what is involved in the purchase of coffee from the time coffee is picked to when it lands at a roasting plant. We teach roasters and coffee buyers a foundation for purchasing coffee effectively, including the logistical reality of the purchase (price discovery, shipping, transport, contract terms, etc.) and making sustainable economic decisions. This course will introduce roaster buyers to various trading models and platforms, helping them navigate choices and decide on the best purchase options for their business. We have enhanced this course with Sample Roasting and Differential Cupping to fully recreate the sample evaluation and coffee contracting process.

Practical and Written Exams take place in the late afternoon. There is a separate SCA registration, not included with this course, to take the Practical and Written Exams and upon passing, the Certificate Issuance. To register for this course's exams follow the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link.

There are 2 certificates available for this coursework. You may select among the following on the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link.

  • Foundation Only
  • Intermediate Only
  • Foundation and Intermediate

Foundation and Intermediate graduates will demonstrate a proficiency with the concepts and terminology of green coffee's agronomy, evaluation, storage, export and import as well as the sales process of purchasing green coffee.

Registration Includes:

  • Tuition for 4-Days of Academy of Coffee Excellence training that exceeds the requirements for the Specialty Coffee Association certificates
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence interactive workbook
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence coffee passport
  • Morning coffee, fruit, baked goods, snacks and lunch each day

This 4-Day course covers a great deal of content. Attendees should plan on being at the Academy of Coffee Excellence from 8:00am (08:00) to 5:30pm (17:30) each day.

  • $1,600.00 usd for Members
  • $1,750.00 usd for Non-Members

Topics Covered In Great Detail:

  • Species, varieties and their global spread

  • Cherry to mill to roaster price and quality impacts

  • Cupping with Q Grader protocols

  • Differential value cupping

  • Natural, Honey, Washed & Wet Hulled Processing

  • Process cupping

  • Sample roasting & sample cupping

  • The the C Market

  • Spot & forward contracts

  • Outright & differential pricing

Membership Affiliations:

  • SCA 
  • NCA
  • NAMA
  • Active Q Grader
  • Roaster and Barista Guild Members

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