CONTACT EMAIL: Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.NET
CONTACT EMAIL: Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.NET
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Diedrich Friday - Saturday - Sunday Day Course
Academy of Coffee Excellence

Diedrich Friday - Saturday - Sunday Day Course

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    The Academy of Coffee Excellence is the East Coast authorized Diedrich Training Partner. Our training program is a comprehensive roasting course that methodically takes you through a series of roast experiment exercise that are designed to help you know by taste the impact of subtle changes at very specific moments in a roast profile.

    What will we do?

    You will roast a minimum of 16 batches of coffee and cup them with a Q Instructor &/or Q Grader.

    • THE FUNDAMENTALS OF COFFEE ROASTINGYou will learn the fine points of controlling the coffee and the stages of the roast which are critical. You will learn techniques to enhance a coffees flavor and how to identify roast imperfections and avoid them. 
    • ROASTING SYSTEM THERMODYNAMICSIn the Diedrich roasters, you can fine-tune the balance of convective, conductive heat throughout the roast. You will learn how these distinctly different types of heat are adjusted and when to adjust them during the roast, to best suit the coffee.
    • THE COFFEE’S THERMODYNAMICSApplying heat to coffee starts an extremely complex chain of chemical and physical changes. How these chemistry transform and react is dependent on the type of heat and the rate at which heat is applied. You will learn about the factors which affect how the heat migrates into the bean and how the coffees react to heat.
    • DEVELOPING A ROAST PROFILEYou will learn how the flavor nuances change when manipulating the chemistry in different ways. By methodically experimenting with roast color, time to the color, varying temperature profiles and how much air is drawn through the drum at different stages of the roast, you refine the roast profile and the coffees flavor profile.
    • CUPPING BASICSYou will learn the fundamentals of cupping coffees to be certain that you can pinpoint the best green beans from your importer and growers as well as monitor your profile development to capture your coffee’s perfectly nuanced flavors. Find out availability and further details by clicking your desired seminar session.

      Each day, morning coffee, fruit and baked goods are provided. Lunch and snacks are also provided each day.


      • $1,350.00 Early Registration (closes 14 days prior to start date)

      • $1,500.00 Standard Registration 


      Registration Cancellation Policy linked here