Roaster Level 2 Arabica & Robusta Profile Development Skills In Ecuador's Amazon. SCA Foundation & Intermediate*

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We will be teaching this class in English and in Spanish.

We will be roasting Arabica and Robusta.

  • Class Size Limited To 8 Attendees For Maximum Hands On Training
  • 13 through 18 August 2023, at Witoca Coffee Cooperative - Orellana, Ecuador
  • If travelling from within Ecuador, South America, Central America please email to register and enroll
  • If travelling from anywhere else use the "Add To Cart" button to register and enroll 
  • SCA exams for Roasting Foundation and / or Roasting Intermediate will be available for the SCA enrollment and exam fees

Course Overview

This course takes place in the Ecuadorian Amazon at Witoca cafe de la Amazonia. Witoca Instagram. This course will start with a Coffee Producer's sample (traditionally bought in parchment). You will move this sample from parchment - to sample roast using Nucleus Link sample roasters - to micro batch profile development using an Aillio Bullet and another 1 kg machine - to production roasts on Witoca's 15kg roaster. 

The Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 2 Arabica & Robusta Profile Development Skills will offer roasting training for Arabica and Robusta, farm visit, wet mill & dry mill tour plus the experience roasting at origin with producers. We add significantly to the scope of, and requirements for, the SCA Foundation and Intermediate certificates. The certificate exams will be available to you.

The Roaster Level 2 Course establishes the craft of roasting with 4 days of in-depth coursework and skills practice in the areas of coffee analysis and evaluation via cupping, sample roasting, production roasting and moving a sample roast to a production roast profile.

You will practice and build the skills of

  • Cupping both Arabica and Robusta coffee 
  • Roasting a minimum of 4 sample roasts
  • Roasting a minimum of 10 micro and small batch production roasts
  • Cupping your samples and batches
  • Calibrating with Q Instructors and Q Assistant Instructors
  • Developing a roast profile by moving a coffee from a sample, through flavor potential exploration and into a production roast 

Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 2 Course graduates will demonstrate a proficiency with the scientific and technical elements of coffee roasting. You will also demonstrate basic quality control process skills for developing and producing  production roasts. This course lays the groundwork for the ongoing development of your career in coffee. 

It is important for you to know that educational offerings can vary widely in depth and breadth of instructional content among coffee educators. Always ask for a listing of the skills that you will be developing and practicing so that you can accurately compare the educational programming and experience that you will be receiving. 

Your registration includes

  • Tuition for the training and education
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence workbook
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence cupping spoon 
  • SCA Intermediate study guide
  • Fine Robusta Farm Visit
  • Wet Mill & Dry Mill Tours
  • 5 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Meals For 5 Days
  • Daily Transportation From Hotel To Lab & Coop
  • If Registering And Enrolling Via This Website, Transportation To And From Quito Is Included. 

Important Content Notice & Disclaimer

* The SCA certificate registration and exam fee is not included. It is an additional $100 per certificate.