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Training & Education

Learning With Us In Your Space

With Skill Building Kits

With Skill Building Kits

A series of curated kits delivered to you and discussed with us. They are designed to interactively teach specific concepts in roasting, sensory analysis & green coffee.

With Your Team Or Group

With Your Team Or Group

Custom developed content for your needs and paired with industry leading training that can be delivered at your facility to an individual, small group or large group.

Learn With Us In Our Space

Botanica Laboratorio De Cafe - Quito, Ecuador

Botanica Laboratorio De Cafe - Quito, Ecuador

The coffee lab is owned and operated by professional coffee women who share their knowledge and experience with those who want to learn about the coffee industry from a credentialed WBC Sensory Judge, Q Grader or Q Instructor.

  • Courses and workshops open to industry and the public in barista skills, sensory analysis skills and roasting skills.
  • Green lot evaluation and optimization services for producers and exporters.

Consulting Services

Todd Arnette is the owner of the Academy of Coffee Excellence. He is a CQI Q Instructor for Arabica and Robusta, an SCA AST for
Roasting, Sensory Analysis & Green Coffee, and an FDA PCQI for Food Safety &
Foreign Supplier programs.

Mr. Arnette is a consultant for:

  • FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Roastery Plant Design
  • Operations & Quality Control
  • Coffee Profile Creation & Migration
  • Coffee Education Content & Catalog Development
  • Green Coffee Evaluation & Lot Optimization

He has been in the specialty coffee industry for more than 27 years and has worked and consulted at every level of the specialty coffee supply chain and in many countries.

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