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CONTACT EMAIL: Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.NET
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Roaster Level 1 - SCA Intermediate with More Depth & Breadth
Roaster Level 1 - SCA Intermediate with More Depth & Breadth
Roaster Level 1 - SCA Intermediate with More Depth & Breadth
Academy of Coffee Excellence

Roaster Level 1 - SCA Intermediate with More Depth & Breadth

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The Academy of Coffee Excellence has been developing and delivering coffee education curricula and training for more than 25 years. We have done this for the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Specialty Coffee Association, Coffee Quality Institute, Industry Trade Associations, Private Companies and Countries' Coffee Development Boards. Our coursework greatly exceeds in both depth and relevance the minimum requirements for an SCA Certificate. The optional SCA Certificate Written Exam will be available on-line from SCA.

It is important for you to know that educational offerings can vary widely in depth and breadth of instructional content among coffee educators. Always ask to see the detailed course description so that you can accurately compare the educational programming and experience that you will be receiving.

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Course Summary

The Academy of Coffee Excellence's Roaster Level 1 is a 4 Day course. It is offered in 2 formats. One format is 4 consecutive days. A second format is 2 consecutive weekends.

Our comprehensive roaster training is designed to instill the skills necessary for a Roaster to be successful throughout the first few years of their career. It establishes the craft of roasting with in-depth applicable theory and learn by doing exercises in the areas of coffee analysis and evaluation via cupping, sample roasting, production roasting and production management. 

You will:  

  • Cup 2 different sets of sample roasts and select a coffee that is consistent with who you are as a roaster

  • Roast a minimum of 12 production roasts

  • Cup and calibrate with Q Instructors or Q Graders the coffees you roast

  • Move a coffee from an importer's sample, through flavor potential experimentation and finally into a production roast

Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 1 graduates will demonstrate a proficiency with the scientific and technical elements of coffee roasting. You will also demonstrate basic quality control process skills for developing and producing  production roasts. This course lays the groundwork for the ongoing development of your career in coffee. 

Your registration includes:  

Tuition for the training and education - Academy of Coffee Excellence detailed course workbook and resource flash drive for continued learning - Morning fruit, coffee, baked goods, snacks and lunch each day. Either format covers a great deal of content.

Lunch is provided and dietary requests are respected.   

Optional SCA Written Exams   

You are permitted to take this course without taking the SCA Certificate Exams. They are optional. There are several reasons why you may wish to take the certificate exams. They are not, however, required for attending. 

Optional SCA Exams: There is a separate SCA assessed fee for the SCA Practical and Written Exams. Upon passing, the SCA Roasting Intermediate Certificate will be issued directly from the SCA. The separate SCA Exam and Certificate Fee will be assessed and collected on the exam day. Credit card, check or cash payment are accepted for exam admission. 

If you wish to take the SCA Exams, it is important to note that YOU WILL NEED AN SCA LEARNER NUMBER prior to taking the exams – THIS IS NOT YOUR SCA MEMBER NUMBER.

To find or create your SCA Learner Number you may follow this link to the SCA’s website.


Registration Cancellation Policy linked here