HACCP Plan Development And Training For A Single Company

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Course Frequency

Every 3 months. Once per quarter.

Coursework Goal

The purpose of this course is to create a hazard analysis plan that is specifically designed for your company’s wholesale coffee operations.

Coursework Summary

This course consists of 3, 3-Hour live, online webinars and a 4th 3-Hour live, online review of your company's HACCP Plan that we will have collaboratively developed. Once booked, we will create a mutually agreeable schedule for the webinars.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Receive a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) Proof Of Training credential. (required by FSMA Federal Regulation)
  • Receive a HACCP Awareness Proof Of Training credential (required by all members of a HACCP Team).
  • Develop a Hazard Analysis Plan for your company that complies with FDA Regulation and US law.

HACCP Plan is a legal requirement

Link To The Statute

Target Audience

  • Plant Operations & Executive Management of a wholesale coffee business.
  • Business size up to 200,000lbs / 90,000kgs roasted annually.
If your operations are larger than 200,000lbs / 90,000kgs roasted annually, please email Todd@AcademyOfCoffee.net  

One unit in "Add To Cart" is 1 company. Multiple people from the same company may attend at no additional charge.   

Course Dates

  • February 2024 SOLD OUT
  • May 2024 Enrollment Open
  • July 2024 Enrollment Open
  • October 2024 Enrollment Open