Q Grader Calibration Course

Calibration Dates

  • Saturday 28 March, 2020 All Seats Sold

  • Saturday 25 April, 2020 Seats Still Available  

Early Registration closes 2 April, 2020


Calibration is critical for enabling Q graders to cup and evaluate coffees in a consistent and objective manner. It is also vital for maintaining a valid Q Graders License. If a Licensed Q Grader wishes to maintain an Active Status, with all rights an privileges, there is a  mandatory calibration cupping course that happens every three years.

This calibration course is intended for all Q Graders whose licenses are about to expire. Upon successful completion of the course, the license will remain valid for another 36 months, starting on the day of expiration.

The Calibration Course is a 1-Day course. The calibration process involves three cupping flights, each with distinct characteristics. All Q Graders must be in calibration and pass two of the three flights in order to renew their license and qualify as an Active Licensed Q Grader.

Lunch will be provided. Dietary considerations respected.

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